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Woof & Brew

Woof & Brew Anxious Hound Herbal Tonic 330ml

Woof & Brew Anxious Hound Herbal Tonic 330ml

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This Woof & Brew Anxiety Herbal Tonic is perfect for providing your furry friend with natural calming and settling qualities. With up to 60 capfuls per 330ml bottle, this tonic is formulated with a nutritionally balanced and specialised blend of Rose petals, Lavender, Devils Claw, Orange Flowers, Skullcap, Astragalus & Lime Flower. This tonic is easy to serve, either over food or added to your pet's water bowl, and can be used as a daily supplement for anxious or nervous dogs, or before stressful situations such as fireworks or car journeys.

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