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Welcome To The Time For Paws Online Pet Shop

We are on a mission to bring you the best cat food, Doggy Food, toys, treats and pet supplies online. Indeed everything you need to keep your feline and canine friends healthy and happy. But don't tell them! If they get wind of our extensive range, exceptional service and incredibly low prices, you will never have any peace!

So Why Visit Time for Paws?

Your treasured pets make all the difference to your life. They deserve the finest pet food together with the special Toys, treats and a lovely Dog Coats that ensure the happiest of days. Using their extensive knowledge and experience, our team of animal lovers have assembled the finest range of pet supplies that you will see anywhere online. Life is so much easier when you are able to find everything you need in one place! Our extensive range is priced to please and is backed by a friendly and efficient service. Better still, your fury friends won't have to wait too long to get their paws on your orders because our deliveries are quick and reliable.

A Dog's Dinner

Dogs young and old are in for a feast! The Time for Paws pet shop features all of your pooch's favourite foods. We have selected our dog food from the leading and specialist brands which we know you can trust. Here's a taste of what your dog can enjoy but don't read this out loud! You never know who is listening!

Well that is certainly quite a mouthful! If your dog requires a special diet then you will find exactly what you need at Time for Paws. Our range includes senior dog food, . Puppy Food, light dog food, grain free dog food and Vegan Dog Food from brands such as Autarky , Fish4Dogs, Skinners, Chappie, Burns, Arden Grange, Forthglade and Eden Dog Food.

We also stock a wonderful selection of Treats and dog bowls.

New Tricks

We know that you will need more than great food to keep your dog content, healthy and entertained. But don't worry because we think that we have everything covered. Alongside our exceptional range of pet foods we are also delighted to bring you an extensive collection of dog toys. They say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks but we disagree. Our toys are guaranteed to amuse your pet and to deliver memorable moments. Not to mention amazing photo opportunities. Does your pooch have its own Facebook page yet because they are going to need one! Talking of Facebook pages, don't forget to check out ours!

A Dog's Life

This is another point in proceedings when it would be advisable not to read out loud. We have everything you need for when it is time for walkies. OK the moment of danger has passed unless your dog can read. At Time for Paws we offer an impressive collection of dog collars, dog leads, and Dog Harnesses. If your pet spends time in your car then we also feature the dog car ramps and dog car crates that you need. We have dog crates & carriers too (something else that you might choose not to mention to your pooch) and we have the perfect dog grooming products and dog shampoo. Pampered pooches never had it so good! Naturally your pet's health will be your primary concern so don't forget to stock up on dog flea treatments and Dog Wormers.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

We almost forgot to mention our fabulous collection of Dog Beds. These are guaranteed to keep your hound off of your sofa and sleeping peacefully. Our cornucopia of dog accessories and puppy products offers everything you need and more!

The Cat's Whiskers

No we haven't forgotten our feline friends! Not that they would ever let us! Our range of cat food and kitten food really is the cat's whiskers. We have the best foods which will satisfy even the fussiest cats together with delicious cat treats for those meow moments. Here's the great brands that you can choose from:

Whiskas, Lilys Kitchen, Iams , Felix, Orijen, Natures Menu, Iams, Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved and Sheba.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

If your cute kitty is a cantankerous cat then invest some cat toys and Scratching Posts to keep them occupied. These clever diversions could save your furniture and your sanity! You will also discover fabulous cat beds and the cat bowls in our collection. Do you have a cat flap? If not then fitting one could save you from a lot of whining! If you don't have cat flaps toys then you will certainly need Cat Litter and litter trays and we have those for you too. You will also discover the cat collars and cat carriers you need together with cat wormers and cat flea treatments including Frontline Spot On. Our cat supplies range really is the cat's pyjamas!


Thank you for staying with us. We are sorry that it has taken so long but there was so much to tell you. We can't wait to welcome you to the Time for Paws pet shop and look forward to serving you in the near future.


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