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Wildwash Dog Shampoo For Beauty & Shine Fragrance No.1 300ml

Wildwash Dog Shampoo For Beauty & Shine Fragrance No.1 300ml

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This pH balanced WildWash shampoo contains Ylang Ylang, Magnolia, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Ginger, Sweet Orange, Coriander and Cedar Wood, to ensure healthy hair growth, texture and hydration, as well as protection from environmental damage. Our revolutionary blend of Neem Oil, Aloe Vera, Evening Primrose Oil and Sea Kelp help nourish the coat and soothe and the skin. Our natural products are used on all breeds of dogs and cats every day, giving incredible results. Trusted by groomers, vets and pet owners worldwide, your pets will love you for it! All our natural WildWash products contain No Parabens, No Phthlates, No Phosphates, No Petrochemicals, No Sulphates and No PEGs. We use 100% Pure Essential Oils – No Synthetic or Semi Synthetic Fragrances. We guarantee there is No Animal Testing on any of our products, nor on any of the ingredients they contain. All our products are Made In England. Directions for use: Prior to shampooing, brush hair to loosen dirt and detangle. Prepare shampoo using WildWash Mixing Bottle which will give you the correct dilution rate . Wet coat thoroughly with warm water and apply diluted shampoo liberally, massaging gently through the coat and avoiding the eye area. For optimum results, leave on for up to 5 minutes to allow the essential oils and botanicals to do their work. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary. This shampoo is super concentrated and can be dilluted at a 32 to 1 ratio. This 300ml bottle is equlivalent to 10 Litres when dilluted. A 300ml bottle will give at least 10 washes for a big dog and up to 20 washes for a small dog. Our WildWash mixing bottle gives all our dillution rates and makes your shampoo last a long time! Mixing bottle not included please purchase separately.

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