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Webbox Lick E Lix Chicken 15g - Pack of 5

Webbox Lick E Lix Chicken 15g - Pack of 5

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There's an endless variety of cat treats available both online and in-store. With a range of nutritious products and delicious flavours, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your pet. To help you choose the right treat for your picky feline, consider the most essential needs. Treats that offer a balance of health benefits and flavour are a great option. Webbox Cats Delight Lick-E-Lix with Chicken is one such treat that is not only full of flavour, but is also rich in nutrients. It is made with a combination of milk and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, milk and milk derivatives, and zinc. It has a soft, yoghurt-like texture and uses chicken as the main ingredient. In addition, it has zinc in moderate levels that is beneficial for your cat's health. Webbox Cats Delight can be served as a topping, or as a treat after playtime to help nurture your bond with your pet. It can also be given as a snack between meals, before or even after meals. These treats are scrumptious and suitable for kittens and cats from 3 months of age. Each pack contains 5 sachets of 15gm Lick e Lix Chicken.

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