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Walter Harrisons

Walter Harrisons Premier Rabbit Mix 15kg

Walter Harrisons Premier Rabbit Mix 15kg

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Walter Harrison's Premier Rabbit is specially formulated to provide your furry friends with the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins they need to stay in peak condition. This high-digestibility feed is blended with a variety of tasty ingredients to give your pet a range of dental exercise to keep their teeth strong and healthy. Benefits of the feed include high-fibre content to aid digestion, added essential vitamins and minerals, and steam-flaked peas for easier digestion. Ingredients include steam-flaked peas, rabbit pellets, cooked flaked barley, extruded wheat, cooked flaked maize, cooked flaked beans, locust beans, minerals, and vitamins. Feeding guidelines recommend introducing the diet gradually over a period of 10 days. An average adult rabbit will require 100-150g per day of the feed, and should always have access to clean hay, water, and fresh greens. The diet should be adjusted to ensure the rabbit does not become overweight.

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