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Wahl Pro KM5 Two Speed Professional Clipper

Wahl Pro KM5 Two Speed Professional Clipper

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This powerful animal clipper is designed to deliver professional results while helping minimize stress to the user. It has two speed levels and a durable DC motor that can handle continuous load. Its rounded casing ensures optimal hair flow and increased cutting speed. Its ergonomic design makes it lightweight with a slim styling and balanced weight distribution, and its slip-resistant coating provides a secure grip for improved handling. This clipper is also impressively quiet and has a speed control for uniform cutting performance. It comes with a blade set quick change system and an ultra-flexible, 4.2 m mains cable for a larger radius of action. It also has a robust metal suspension ring for easy storage and an energy-saving switched-mode power supply for added safety. It is fitted with a #7F blade and is reliable and efficient for discerning animal stylists.

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