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Vitakraft Kracker Honey Spelt Guinea Pig

Vitakraft Kracker Honey Spelt Guinea Pig

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The Vitakraft Kracker Grape Nut for Hamsters is the perfect snack for your hamster! Made from a delicious and healthy mix of seeds, honey, fruit, cereals and minerals and vitamins, it helps to promote your pet's overall wellbeing and vitality. This crunchy chew stick is baked three times on untreated natural wood which locks-in the flavours, and comes with a practical clip holder to attach to your pet's cage. It's a great way to reward your four-legged friend for good behaviour, and helps to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Plus, it helps to keep them active and engaged. This 112g pack of chewy hamster treats is a must-have for every hamster owner!

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