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Vetzyme B+E Dog 200 Tablets

Vetzyme B+E Dog 200 Tablets

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This product has been specifically designed to help promote activity and overall health for any and all dogs, especially those that are working breeds. The Vetzyme B+E tablets combine B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc to give your pup the boost they need in order to stay alert and ready for any action. B-complex vitamins are water soluble and cannot be stored in the body, making these tablets an ideal way to ensure your dog gets the necessary vitamins throughout the day. B-complex vitamins help to release energy to their muscles, promote a healthy coat and skin, guard against nervousness, and promote fitness and vitality. Vitamin E helps to maintain a healthy heart and circulation, as well as a healthy immune system. Selenium and zinc help to promote healthy growth and develop good muscle tone. Vitamin E and selenium are also important for maintaining breeding potential. Recommendations:
Small Dogs (1-5kg): ½ - 1 tablet
Medium Dogs (6-15kg): 1 - 2 tablets
Large Dogs (16-30kg): 3 tablets
Very Large Dogs (30kg+): 4 tablets

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