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Vets Best Flea Tick & Mite Away Spray 500ml

Vets Best Flea Tick & Mite Away Spray 500ml

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Keep your furry family members safe and pest-free with Vet’s Best Flea, Tick & Mite Away Spray. This natural remedy is both highly effective and gentle, and can be used on all pets over 12 weeks old to ensure your home stays pest-free all year long. Regular use of the Flea Spray will help to stop flea infestations in their tracks. The solution has been specially created to easily wash away blood-sucking pests such as fleas, ticks, mites and their eggs, providing long-lasting protection. To prevent re-infestation, we recommend spraying pet bedding, carpets, fabrics, and other surrounding areas of your home to help keep your pet's environment pest-free.

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