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Verm-X Original Nuggets for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Hamsters

Verm-X Original Nuggets for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Hamsters

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Verm-X is a 100% natural, palatable, and easy-to-use formulation that helps maintain intestinal hygiene while being gentle on the gut and digestive system. Verm-X creates a beneficial environment in the gut and digestive system that helps to expel any challenges in this area. Unlike chemical products that only work on the challenges present at the time of feeding, the environment created by Verm-X is designed to stay active throughout the year. Feeding Verm-X Nuggets daily, as instructed, helps to prevent any harmful substances from settling in the gut and keeps your pet healthy. Verm-X Nuggets for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters are made with high-fiber ingredients like alfalfa, wheat, and molasses, and are designed to be gnawed on to help maintain strong teeth. 

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