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Wagg Twitch Rabbit Food

Wagg Twitch Rabbit Food

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Twitch Rabbit Nuggets are a complementary feed designed to supplement a rabbit's diet. They should always have access to fresh hay and water, as well as an occasional variety of fresh foods such as leafy greens and dandelion leaves. Twigs and branches from trees such as apple, willow and hazel should be provided for rabbits to gnaw on to help keep their teeth healthy and strong. Providing plenty of space, companionship and maintaining a healthy weight are also key to keeping your rabbit happy. Twitch Rabbit Nuggets should make up approx. 15% of their diet, with hay or fresh grass making up the other 85%. The daily serving size should be adjusted according to the age of the rabbit: young/growing: 60g - 110g + hay; adult: 50g - 120g + hay; doe & litter: 250g - 450g + hay.

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