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Soopa Banana & Pumpkin Puppy Dental Sticks 100g

Soopa Banana & Pumpkin Puppy Dental Sticks 100g

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At Soopa, we understand the importance of dental hygiene for our canine friends. With our existing range of dental chews, we have now created a special selection for younger pups. Our 100% natural banana and pumpkin sticks are suitable for puppies over 3 months old and are low-fat, easily digestible and kind on their tummies. Combining the brilliant immune boosting benefits of pumpkin with the soft and flavoursome taste of banana, these superfood sticks are packed with vitamins and minerals to support natural growth and development. Keeping on top of your pup's teeth has never been easier with our selection of scrumptious dental sticks. Simply cut in half and give your pup a tooth clean that is as easy as pumpkin pie. Store in a dry place, provide plenty of water and enjoy! Each box contains Soopa Banana & Pumpkin Puppy Dental Sticks (100g) for an ecommerce website.

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