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Snugglesafe Microwave Heated Pad

Snugglesafe Microwave Heated Pad

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SnuggleSafe HeatPad is ideal for newborn pets, animals on the move, and animals kept outside in hutches, kennels, or catteries, as well as convalescing animals. This heatpad is made of polypropylene, which is a durable, hygienic, bite-resistant, and non-expanding material. It has no wires for pets to chew through and is fully washable. It also comes with a cozy cover for extra comfort. The pad contains a non-toxic gel called Thermapol, which can retain warmth for up to 10 hours when heated in the microwave. The HeatPad can be reused as many times as needed, but if used daily it is recommended to be replaced every three years. It is SGS tested for pet safety and is designed to provide steady warmth at 45-56 degrees Celsius for 5-6 hours before slowly declining over the next 4 hours. For safety, it is recommended to always put a barrier between your pet and the HeatPad such as a cosy cover or blanket.

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