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SmartBones Chicken Wrapped Sticks

SmartBones Chicken Wrapped Sticks

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Treat your pup to Smartbones Chicken Wrapped Sticks, a delicious and healthy chew treat that satisfies their natural chewing instinct. These chews are made with high-quality ingredients like vegetables and chicken breast, and are wrapped in a delicious chicken flavour that your dog won't be able to resist. These treats are packed with vitamins and minerals to maintain your pup's overall wellbeing and vitality, and they are a great snack between meals, after playtime, or just for some extra entertainment. These treats are also rawhide-free, so they are gentle on your pup's gums and teeth. Additionally, they are formulated without soy, wheat, and gluten, so they are the perfect choice for sensitive dogs. With a high protein content and very low fat content, these treats are an amazing and healthy alternative to traditional chews. Serve with plenty of fresh water for easy swallowing.

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