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Lickimat Slow Feeder Plate

Lickimat Slow Feeder Plate

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Slodog® is an innovative slow-feeding device designed to make mealtime less stressful for your pup. Unlike other slow feeders, Slodog® uses a plate-like design with multiple shallow pockets to split your pup's meal into mini-meals. This eliminates the need for them to chase their food around the bowl, reducing frustration and stress. Our testing has shown that Slodog® can slow your pup's eating time from a few seconds to many minutes! It is ideal for flat-nose breeds like French Bulldogs and Bully Breeds, and can hold up to 2 cups or 500ml of either dry, wet, or raw food. Plus, it's made from non-toxic food grade PP, is dishwasher and freezer-safe, and is currently going through patent application.

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