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Skinners Field & Trial Puppy & Junior Duck & Rice 15kg - Free P&P

Skinners Field & Trial Puppy & Junior Duck & Rice 15kg - Free P&P

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Field & Trial Puppy & Junior Duck and Rice is an all-round nutrition solution formulated specially for puppies and young working dogs. It is wheat-free and designed to be easy to digest, providing essential nutrients that support growth and development from weaning to adulthood. This recipe uses poultry fat in place of sunflower oil, and also includes beneficial ingredients that promote joint, heart, digestive and cognitive health. The kibble is shaped into a triangle, and is slightly smaller than Junior size to meet the needs of puppies of different ages, shapes and sizes. This food can be fed straight from the bag or, if your dog prefers, moistened with a small amount of tepid water before serving. Refer to the feeding guide for the amount most suitable for your pup. Keep in mind that nutritional requirements may vary depending on activity level, gender, age and breed.


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