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Science Selective Naturals Rabbit Grain Free 1.5kg

Science Selective Naturals Rabbit Grain Free 1.5kg

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Selective Naturals Grain Free is a delicious and nutritious blend of Timothy Hay, essential forage and garden vegetables, natural linseed and other essential vitamins and minerals, all designed to help promote the good health of rabbits. High in fibre and grain free, with no added sugars or artificial colours, this recipe supports digestive well-being and provides all the vital nutrients rabbits need for a healthy and happy life. A 2.5kg adult rabbit will require 60-70g of Selective Rabbit Grain Free per day, along with fresh hay, vegetables and clean drinking water. Store in a cool, dry place. Feeding guides are only estimates, and the actual amount can vary depending on activity and other factors. Always ensure your rabbit has access to fresh drinking water. 

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