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Pure & Natural

Pure & Natural Beef Lung Flat

Pure & Natural Beef Lung Flat

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Pure & Natual is a low-fat, healthy treat that is suitable for all dog breeds.

All dogs will go crazy for Pure & Natural all-natural Beef Lung Flat because of their pleasant aroma, ease of chewing, and single ingredient.
There are no extra fillers, preservatives, flavours, hormones, or additives in these treats, which are composed entirely with low-fat organ meat.
A healthy snack that can be served at any time.

The mouth-shaped size and superb crispy texture of the Pure and Natural Beef Lung Flat make them a great all-time snack for all dog breeds, including puppies and seniors.
Beef Lung is a low-calorie, healthful organ meat that's naturally abundant in Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C, and Iron.

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