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Pointer Assorted Mini Rolls 400g (3 Pack)

Pointer Assorted Mini Rolls 400g (3 Pack)

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When you are in search of the perfect treat for your furry companion, you should keep your dog's preferences and requirements in mind. Just like us humans, dogs have their own needs and it is up to us as pet owners to take care of them. Pointer Assorted Small Rolls 400g is the ideal dog treat that you can provide to your pet. These healthy dog treats are made from top-notch ingredients that make it the safest and most nutritious option for all kinds of dogs. They are also packed with crunchy texture so that your pet can digest them easily. Additionally, these tasty biscuits are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals that will support your pup's overall growth and development. treats are an integral part of a dog's diet and can be used as both a reward and a snack. Apart from that, these crunchy rolls are also rich in calcium that will help to keep their teeth and bones strong. Your pup can now indulge in their favorite treat without worrying about any dental issues. These mini marrowbone rolls are formulated with cereals, meat & animal derivatives, minerals, sugars and oil & fats to provide a delicious combination of taste and nutrition for all kinds of dogs.

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