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Pillow Wad

Pillow Wad Large Bale Econest 3.2kg

Pillow Wad Large Bale Econest 3.2kg

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Mask odours and has fantastic absorption properties Can be used for any animal large or small Dispose of straight onto the compost heap Bio-degrades in approx. 8 -12 weeks Weight: 3.2kg

Now, Pillow Wads Eco-Nest is designed with the environment in mind and is packaged in fully home-compostable materials. Once done, simply throw it in the compost heap or garden waste bin–no plastic required! This bedding is very low in dust, offering your pets a clean and healthy home. It is made of recycled virgin cardboard and can be used for any pet, big or small, and is effective at controlling odours and has great absorbency. Once used, it can be disposed of on the compost heap, where it will biodegrade in approximately 8 to 12 weeks. 

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