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Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy Party Season Survival Kit

Pet Remedy Party Season Survival Kit

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1. Keep your pet calm and relaxed during party season with our 15ml Calming Spray. This water-based, pH neutral solution is safe to use on skin and coat, and provides localised and immediate calming effects that can last between 2-8 hours depending on the individual pet. For best results, pair the spray with our 60 Day Plug Diffuser, which is suitable for all pets including birds and reptiles. The diffuser provides slow, ambient release for up to 8 weeks, and covers up to 60m2 / 650 sq ft (large room). Refill bottles are also available.

2. In addition to the calming spray and plug diffuser, we also offer Calming Wipes, which can be used to wipe down hands before handling an anxious animal, around the pet’s muzzle, ears, under chin and chest, and on pet bedding in the home or car. They can also be wrapped around a harness or tucked into a collar for anxious dogs, or used to wipe down pet enclosures such as hamster and bird cages. These wipes are especially useful for noise-sensitive animals who may dislike the sound of the spray.

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