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Pedigree Tasty Minis Beef & Poultry 155g

Pedigree Tasty Minis Beef & Poultry 155g

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At Pedigree, we understand that dogs bring out the best in us. That's why we've created a range of delicious dog treats that provide added nutrition, have no artificial colours or flavours, and come in all shapes, sizes and textures. Our Pedigree Tasty Bites are perfect for big and small dogs, and have added Omega 3, vitamins and minerals to keep them fit for life. We also offer Chewy Slices with Beef, delicious treats with a delightfully chewy texture, perfect for enjoying at any time. So celebrate the simple joys of everyday life with your pet, and reward them with our tasty and wholesome treats. Treat your dog with Pedigree – the perfect way to show your four-legged friend how much you care! Please be kind to their weight by following our feeding instructions.

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