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Benevo Pawtato Mint & Parsley Tubes Vegan 90g

Benevo Pawtato Mint & Parsley Tubes Vegan 90g

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Benevo Pawtato Tubes are a delicious and healthy treat for your furry friend! These low fat dog chews are made with only the best organic ingredients. Each tube contains sweet potato, blended with gm-free rice and the added goodness of either turmeric, mint & parsley or seaweed. Naturally free from gluten, wheat, egg, dairy, meat and soya, these chews make a great hypoallergenic option for dogs prone to allergies or food sensitivities. With no added sugar, salt, artificial colours or flavours, you can be sure that your pup is getting only nutritious and wholesome treats. Approved by the Vegetarian Society UK, Vegan Society UK and PETA, these Pawtato Tubes are an excellent addition to any ecommerce pet store.

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