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Paw 2-In-1 Slow Feeder & Lick Pad

Paw 2-In-1 Slow Feeder & Lick Pad

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Keep your furry best friend entertained and healthy with the PAW 2-in-1 Slow Feeder & Lick Pad Blue! This slow feeder features a large feeding area with various surface shapes, imitating the hunting behaviour to ensure that your pup has a fun and slow-eating meal just like in the wild. It has two standard bowls, two with gulp-stoppers, and one mini-meal area, all made with FDA compliance food grade plastic and suitable for both dry and wet food. Freeze, microwave and dishwasher safe, it's the perfect mealtime buddy! The Licki Paw Pad is designed to keep your pet calm and entertained. It's made with soft food grade TPE rubber and is free from PVC, latex, metals and phthalates. Stick it to any surface like windows, fridge doors or walls with its suction cup base or place it on the PAW feeder and let the healthy licking begin!

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