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Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottosson Dog Smart 29cm

Nina Ottosson Dog Smart 29cm

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Keep your dog busy and reduce destructive behaviors with this Level 1 Dog Smart Interactive Puzzle Toy by Nina Ottosson! This fun and easy to use game is designed to mentally stimulate your pup while rewarding them with tasty treats. The bones (puzzle pieces) can be arranged on the board to create different levels of difficulty, enabling your pup to paw and nuzzle for hidden rewards. Perfect for introducing your pup to treat training, the Dog Smart can also be used for feeding wet or dry kibble. To play, simply place treats in compartments of the base and cover with bones, leaving some uncovered to pique your pup's interest. When your pup has found all the treats, the Dog Smart can be easily hand washed and filled again for more fun!

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