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Natures Variety Freeze Dried Meat Bites Dog Chicken 20g

Natures Variety Freeze Dried Meat Bites Dog Chicken 20g

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Our revolutionary freeze-dried range offers the best of both worlds: the flavour and benefits of raw ingredients, combined with the convenience of traditional kibble. Our Chicken Meat Bites are the perfect treat, made from 100% premium quality chicken with no grain, gluten or bulking agents. They are naturally-derived and provide essential nutrients your dog will love.

But what is freeze-drying? We take delicious quality cuts of meat and flash freeze them before gently ‘drying’ them to remove the moisture over 10-20 hours. This process locks in the goodness and retains the nutritional qualities of the food, without needing any chemical preservatives or additives.

The result? A highly nutritious and intensely flavourful, 100% natural food that requires no defrosting. Just store, pour and serve for a snack your dog will instinctively love.

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