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MORE Digestion Chicken All Breed Dog Dry Food

MORE Digestion Chicken All Breed Dog Dry Food

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MORE +Digestion All Breeds is a complete, natural, and delicious dog food. Developed by vets and pet nutritionists, this hypoallergenic dog food is designed to suit even the most sensitive dog.

  • High Meat Content –Each tasty bag of MORE + Digestion contains a high quantity of Fresh and Dried Chicken. This provides the perfect blend of protein to support dogs’ muscles.
  • Joint Support –Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM work together to soothe, rebuild, and protect dogs’ hardworking joints.
  • Blended with Salmon Oil-Filled with a high level of tasty oil to support brain function and improve coat health.
  • Filled with Slow-Release Energy –Made with Oats, to give dogs a steady release of energy across the day.
  • Packed with Prebiotics –Prebiotic FOS and MOS aid in strengthening and feeding dogs gut bacteria. Keeping the digestive system healthy and promoting proper stool function.
  • Easy to Digest-The gentle hypoallergenic formula ensures this delicious diet suits every stomach. This crunchy dog food contains a carefully chosen blend of antioxidant plants and vegetables to support the immune system.
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