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Mikki Anti-tangle Undercoat Rake

Mikki Anti-tangle Undercoat Rake

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The Mikki Undercoat Rake is specifically designed to remove tangles, remove loose or dead hair, and thin out thick coats without damaging the top coat. The long teeth of the rake are able to reach the lower layers of thicker coats, helping to ensure a healthy top coat. To use, stand your dog on a mat or newspaper to catch the loose hair or groom outdoors. Gently saw the rake back and forth to loosen any undercoat tangles, removing any excess hair and fluff. Finally, use a Mikki brush or comb to layer the coat and create a beautiful end result. If you're dealing with a lot of pet hair in the home, then the Mikki Pet Hair Magnet is the perfect solution for restoring your home to its former glory!

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