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Mikki Porcupine Brush For Double & Thick Coats

Mikki Porcupine Brush For Double & Thick Coats

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The Mikki Porcupine Brush is designed for dual-length coats and is ideal for medium and long-haired breeds. The brush has a combination of soft and hard nylon bristles which help to reduce tangles and mats from the undercoat while removing loose hair and stimulating the natural oils in the topcoat. The flexible head gives a more gentle brushing experience while the soft grip handle provides comfort and control. Regular brushing with the Porcupine Brush will ensure a healthy and shiny coat for your pet. Directions for use: Use gentle stroking actions to allow the longer bristles to reach down to the lower layers of your pet's coat and the shorter bristles to distribute your pet's natural oils through their coat, leaving it clean and healthy. Be gentle and careful at first until you are familiar with the action.

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