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Mdc Smart Collar Cat

Mdc Smart Collar Cat

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The Smart Collar is a humane and effective way to prevent animals from aggravating a wound or injury. Made from a tough and lightweight, yet translucent plastic, it features a patented padding on both the inner and outer edges for maximum comfort. This collar won't bruise or cause damage if your pet bumps into furniture or people. It is flexible enough to allow the free movement of the head and neck, so your pet can sleep, eat, drink, and walk comfortably while recovering. With snap studs for easy size adjustment, and no need to attach it to a regular collar, the Smart Collar is available in 6 sizes and assorted colors, making it suitable for cats and dogs of all breeds. SIZE GUIDE (CM): Size Cat: Neck 14-22, Length 8 Size 1/Small: Neck 18-24, Length 9 Size 2/Medium: Neck 23-30, Length 11 Size 3/Large: Neck 29-38, Length 16 Size 4/XLarge: 35-52, Length 20 Size 5/XXLarge: 45-64, Length 28 Perfect for an ecommerce website!

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