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VETIQ Stool Firm 45 Tablets

VETIQ Stool Firm 45 Tablets

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If you notice that your dog is experiencing digestive difficulties such as loose or smelly stools, it could be due to an allergic reaction, flatulence, lethargy, or lack of exercise. In order to help them feel better, Mark + Chappell Vetiq Stool Firm Tablets for Dogs are formulated with a unique blend of pectin and pumpkin to help increase stool firmness. These tablets also contain kaolin, which stimulates healthy bacteria growth in your pet’s gut, as well as calcium carbonate, which helps maintain the natural balance of the digestive tract. However, you should always analyse the cause behind your pet’s digestive problems before giving this medicine to them. Depending on the severity, you can try switching food types or follow the daily feeding instructions provided. With this diarrhoea treatment for dogs, you should start to see a difference in your pet’s intestine functioning, stool formation, and nutrient absorption. With the help of this medication, your pet will soon be able to enjoy their food without any discomfort!

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