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VETIQ Serene-Um Calming Solution Drops 100ml

VETIQ Serene-Um Calming Solution Drops 100ml

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Serene-UM from Mark & Chappell is a top-grade nutritional supplement that provides a comprehensive range of nutrition tailored to help reduce anxious and aggressive behaviours in cats and dogs. It is particularly useful in situations such as separation anxiety, noise phobia, fireworks, and hyperactivity. Available in both drops and tablets, Serene-UM can be administered daily as required.

Feeding guidelines:
Serene-UM Calm Tablets: Can be given whole or crushed over food. Starts working 6-8 hours but for maximum effect allow 24-36 hours. Fresh drinking water should be available at all times.
Small Cats (Up to 2.5kg) - ¼ tablet, twice daily
Large Cats (2.5 – 5kg) - ½ tablet, twice daily
Small Dogs (Up to 5kg) - ½ tablet, twice daily
Medium Dog (5 - 10kg) - 1 tablet, twice daily
Large Dogs (10 - 20kg) - 2 tablets, twice daily
Serene-UM Xtra Calm Tablets
Dogs Up to 20kg - 1 tablet, twice daily
Dogs 20kg - 40kg - 2 tablets, twice daily
Dogs 40kg - 60kg - 3 tablets, twice daily
Serene-UM Calm Drops
Small cats up to 2.5kg : 0.5 tsp 2 times a day
Large cats 2.5kg - 5kg : 1 tsp 2 times per day
Small dogs up to 5kg : 1 tsp 3 times per day
Medium dogs 5 - 10kg : 2 tsp 3 times per day

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