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VETIQ Healthy Bites Odour Care Small Animal Treats 30g

VETIQ Healthy Bites Odour Care Small Animal Treats 30g

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M&C Odour Care Treats for Small Animals provide the perfect solution to an odour-free habitat for your small pet. These small animal treats keep your furry friend healthy and their cage smelling fresh without any harsh chemicals or scents that could be harmful. Made from a wholesome blend of wheat flour, canola oil, corn starch, dried skimmed milk, dried milk, glycerin, dried brewers yeast, salt, and Omega 3, this small animal feed is packed with essential nutrients to promote your pet’s well-being. Appealing to rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, and rats with its delicious apple flavour, this pack of 30g of treats should be given sparingly and served alongside a complete, nutritionally balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children, and follow the feeding guide for the best health of your small pet.

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