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VETIQ Arthiriti Um Advanced - Pack of 45

VETIQ Arthiriti Um Advanced - Pack of 45

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VetIQ® Arthriti-UM® Advanced tablets are an advanced, concentrated source of active ingredients developed to support and maintain healthy bones and supple joints in pets. This triple action formula provides essential amounts of Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate , MSM & Green Lipped Mussel, giving your pet the nutritional support needed for active and healthy living. Arthriti-UM® Advanced tablets can help reduce pain and swelling, inhibit enzymes that decompose joint cartilage, and speed up the formation of new joint cartilage. Directions for Use: Animal Weight Range Recommended Amounts Pack Duration (Days*) Cats Under 5kg 1/4 tablet daily 180 days Dogs Under 10kg 1/2 tablets daily 90 days 10 – 20kg 1 tablet daily 45 days 20 – 35kg 1 tablet twice daily 22 days Over 35kg 2 tablets twice daily 11 days *Pack Duration applies to one pet only

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