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Little One

Little One Green Valley Fibrefood For Guinea Pigs

Little One Green Valley Fibrefood For Guinea Pigs

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Little One “Green Valley” is a nutritious pet food that contains sixty types of grass and herbs. The food is prepared using a special cold-pressing technique, locking in all the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. This food is high in long-fiber and helps with the teeth and digestive tract of guinea pigs. It is free of grain, seeds, and chemical additives, making it suitable for pets with special dietary needs. Directions: Can be used as the main food, hay supplement, or to diversify the botanic makeup of hay. Ingredients: Meadow and mountain grass, apple pulp, sunflower seed meal, linseed, linseed oil, fruchtooligosaccharides, dried pumpkin, dried parsnip, dried apple, marigold flowers, rosehip berries, dried zucchini, cornflower blue, rose petals, yeast extract, vitamins, and minerals. Box Contains: A homogeneous mixture of grass, herbal flakes, vegetables, fruits, and flowers for an ecommerce website.

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