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Leucillin Non Toxic Antiseptic Animal Skin Spray

Leucillin Non Toxic Antiseptic Animal Skin Spray

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Shop Leucillin Antiseptic Spray, specially formulated for the equine and pet care market, providing a powerful and reliable healthcare solution. This 100% safe, non-toxic, one-step topical pathogen control spray mimics the body’s own immune system, replicating leukocytes (white blood cells) and destroying harmful germs on contact. Leucillin is effective against coronaviruses and Covid-19, making it a must have first aid tool for all animal owners. It's suitable for all mammals, birds, and reptiles, from cats to Cayman, dogs to degus, hamsters to horses. Leucillin is skin pH neutral, non-toxic, and non-irritant, providing relief from infection, irritation, dry, itchy, flaky, or smelly skin. Explore our selection of wound care and non-prescription medications today!

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