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Leucillin Non Toxic Anticeptic Animal Skin Dropper 50ml

Leucillin Non Toxic Anticeptic Animal Skin Dropper 50ml

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Leucillin is the most versatile and reliable first aid product available and is suitable for use on all mammals, birds and reptiles. This revolutionary anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal spray is proven to out-perform other products with unbeatable Log710 99.99999% results. Leucillin is a safe, skin pH neutral, non-toxic and non-irritant solution, that helps keep skin clean, clear and healthy. It also helps reduce recovery time as no surviving bacteria means no resistance to healing. Leucillin works by mimicking the body's natural immune system, replicating the leukocytes (white blood cells) chemical used to fight infection caused by invading pathogens (germs). It provides a powerful solution to combat all types of infection, and it is especially effective in soothing and calming symptoms of allergy sufferers. Leucillin is commonly used for dogs, but it also has a wide range of uses and capabilities in all areas of animal healthcare. Whether you are looking for a reliable first aid tool or an effective way to manage minor skin problems and conditions, Leucillin is the perfect choice for all animal owners.

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