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KONG Ring Red

KONG Ring Red

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Surprise your dog with the Kong Ring Extra Large! This dog toy is perfect for keeping them entertained and occupied when you're not around. Kong is the most trusted pet toy company in the world, and they make durable, high-quality toys that will bring your pup a long-lasting and enjoyable chewing experience. Made with durable rubber, these chew toys have nubs that make the chewing session even more pleasurable. Not only that, the rubber helps stimulate their gums and keep their teeth healthy, reducing the possibility of gum diseases. This interactive toy is also great for your pup's mental health, as it can help them stay calm and peaceful. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, this Kong Ring is a great way to make your pup's free time more fun. Gift it to them on special occasions to show your love, but make sure you supervise them while they play with it, in case they accidentally swallow it. Replace the toy whenever it gets damaged. Give your pup a delightful treat with these Kong Rings!

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