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KONG Phatz Pig

KONG Phatz Pig

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Keeping your furry friend engaged and entertained so they don’t make a mess of your house is no easy feat. From shoes to pillows, they’ll chew anything in sight. Thankfully, KONG Phatz Pig Extra Small Dog Toy is here to help. This reinforced and durable dog toy features an innovative and textured design that’ll keep your pup entertained for hours. Inside the toy is a low-tone squeaker that encourages play and adds sound variety. The toy has realistic features, like long ears and small legs, that’ll entice your pup to play. Not only will the squeaker toy keep your pup fully engaged, but it’ll also please pet parents. When dogs have nothing to do all day, they can get bored and restless. This soft toy is the perfect solution to keep them happy and excited. However, we always recommend supervision when playing with toys, and please note that this toy is not indestructible and small parts of the toy can become damaged and detach. If that happens, please discard the toy immediately. This toy is not recommended for puppies under 36 weeks or for dogs that are known chewers.

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