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KONG Catnip Hedgehog 10cm

KONG Catnip Hedgehog 10cm

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The Kong Refillable Catnip Hedgehog is the perfect toy for your cat to stay fit and healthy! This fun, hedgehog-shaped toy is ideal for jumping, scratching, biting, and pouncing - activities that help to strengthen the bond between cats and their owners. Not only does it provide physical and mental stimulation, but it also encourages cats to express their natural instinct to hunt. The toy is filled with a fresh, premium North American catnip that cats can't resist, making it the perfect toy for even the fussiest cats. Plus, the toy has a reclosable pouch so that you can easily add more catnip when the smell starts to fade. This toy is also easy to maintain, as it is machine washable - just make sure to take out the catnip first. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor play and is sure to keep your cat entertained for hours!

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