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KONG Cat Wubba Wicker

KONG Cat Wubba Wicker

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The KONG Wubba Wicker is a durable, vibrant wicker toy designed to delight and entertain cats of all sizes and breeds. Promoting instinctual activity such as clawing, batting, swatting and chasing, it appeals to your cat's natural desires to stalk and capture prey, with a long, dangling feather tail engaging and delighting your cat for even more fun. Adding even more excitement and engagement, the KONG Wubba Wicker also features an LED light to encourage active play and a healthy dose of exercise. Filled with KONG's premium North American catnip to spark your cat's playful side, it's sure to provide hours of enjoyable, instinctual play. Available in 3 randomly allocated colours, the Wubba Wicker is the perfect way to keep your cat amused and satisfied.

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