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Johnsons Veterinary

Johnson's Veterinary Puppy Trainer Pump Spray 150ml

Johnson's Veterinary Puppy Trainer Pump Spray 150ml

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This Johnson's Puppy & Kitten Trainer is the perfect tool for house training puppies and kittens! Easy to use in convenient 150ml aerosol cans, it's great value for money and can be used with Clean 'n' Safe House Training Pads. Not for use on animals, it can be used on training pads and paper. Directions: Shake can before use. Place training pad or folded newspaper on the floor in a convenient place, but away from pet bedding or food. For puppies, spray on to pad or newspaper from a distance of about 15cm (6"). Spray frequently and place puppy on sprayed area regularly, especially after awakening, feeding or playing so that it can relieve itself. For kittens and house rabbits, spray directly on to litter tray as often as required, or use a training pad. When using the product, make sure to use it in a well-ventilated area, avoid contact with eyes and skin, store below 25oC, and keep out of reach of children. May cause adverse effects in aquatic environment.

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