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Johnsons Veterinary

Johnson's Veterinary Clean N Safe Cat & Dog 500g

Johnson's Veterinary Clean N Safe Cat & Dog 500g

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Johnsons Veterinary Clean 'n' Safe Disinfectant Spray for Dogs & Cats 500ml is a cleaner, deodorant and disinfectant all-in-one. It is specially formulated to kill bacteria and viruses in areas where your pets live, sleep and feed, such as bedding, baskets, litter trays, feeding bowls and all other surfaces. It also leaves behind a pleasant fresh fragrance, making it ideal for use on floors, carpets and other surfaces. Suitable for use with cats and dogs, this 500ml spray is easy to use and will help keep your pet's environment clean and hygienic. Directions: Important - Do Not Spray directly onto animal.

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