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Johnson's Veterinary 4 Fleas Spot On Kitten - 2 Treatment Pack

Johnson's Veterinary 4 Fleas Spot On Kitten - 2 Treatment Pack

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Despite rarely leaving your house, your cat still has the potential to catch fleas from other sources. This could be from second-hand furniture, a new house, or a cat-owning friend. To ensure your cat stays flea-free, it is important to use a flea treatment on them every month. Johnson's 4fleas Spot-On Kit Dual Action is an excellent choice, offering a cost-effective, long-lasting and rapid solution with Imidacloprid as the main ingredient. Suitable for cats over 8 weeks old and weighing less than 4 kg, Johnson's flea treatment is easy to apply and works quickly, killing 98% of fleas in 12 hours. The pack contains two pipettes, each of which will last 3-4 weeks. To use, hold the pipette upright, twist off the cap, and use the reverse cap to remove the seal. Ensure your cat is standing before applying the treatment to their skin, then squeeze the pipette several times to distribute the solution evenly. Johnson's 4fleas Spot-On Flea Treatment will work in 3-5 minutes, giving you peace of mind that your cat is free from fleas.

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