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Johnsons Veterinary

Johnson's Veterinary 4fleas Tablets for Puppies & Small Dogs

Johnson's Veterinary 4fleas Tablets for Puppies & Small Dogs

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4Fleas Tablets are a powerful, quick-acting flea treatment for cats and dogs that are safe and effective. This over-the-counter, orally administered flea medication kills all fleas on cats and dogs within 24 hours and leaves no pesticidal residues in the fur or around the home. 4Fleas Tablets have no side effects, can be used in conjunction with other flea and worming treatments, and are suitable for puppies and kittens over four weeks old (over 1kg). In addition to this flea treatment, a household spray may be necessary to combat fleas which may not have yet hatched or to kill dormant fleas in and around the house. 4Fleas Tablets are the only oral, non-insecticidal flea killing treatment in the over-the-counter market and are 100% safe for contact with pets. They are effective for 48 hours, rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, and interfere with the flea’s nervous system, causing hyperactivity, paralysis and then death. With fleas needing only one feed to be killed, the opportunities of flea egg production are dramatically reduced. Pregnant mums and parents of small children can also rest assured that 4Fleas Tablets cannot be washed off or groomed out, and contact with a pet treated with the product is completely safe. Dosage: Administer treatment whenever fleas are spotted on the animal. Maximum of 1 administration of tablets per day. Animal & Weight Product Name Amount per Administration Cat Cat (1-11kg) 1 tablet per day Puppies & Dogs up to 11kg Small Dogs & Puppies (1-11kg) 1 tablet per day Dogs over 11kg Dogs (Over 11kg) 1 tablet per day

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