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Highland Antler Medium

Highland Antler Medium

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no mess, as your dog grinds it down Comes in various shapes and sizes, keeping your dog interested for longer Sustainably sourced

Antos Antler Dog Chew is an all-natural, long-lasting chew for dogs made from Red Deer and Fallow deer antlers sourced from Scottish highland herds. The antlers have been cleaned without any chemicals or added preservatives, and all sharp points have been removed for safety. The chew is full of minerals and calcium and helps to strengthen and clean your dog's teeth. It is sold by weight, not size, and comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making it a fun and interesting chew for your pooch. Plus, it is naturally odourless and won't create a mess as your dog grinds it down. Antos Antler Dog Chew is a sustainable, healthy treat for your furry friend.

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