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Henry Wag

Henry Wag Canvas Pet Crate

Henry Wag Canvas Pet Crate

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This folding fabric pet crate is crafted with high quality materials and is perfect for use at home or on the go. It has an easy zip-up assembly with fabric mesh window panels on three sides with flap covers and an interior washable floor panel with foam insulation. Each crate comes with a faux Sheepskin/nylon pad, a carry case, and pegs to secure it to soft ground. This pet crate is lightweight and collapsible, and is available in sizes: Small (1.4kg, 47 x 36 x 40cm); Medium (2kg, 60 x 46 x 50cm); Large (2.6kg, 74 x 48 x 55cm); Jumbo (2.8kg, 88 x 57 x 63cm); and Giant (3kg, 102 x 71 x 79cm).

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