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Hatchwells Granulated Charcoal 150g

Hatchwells Granulated Charcoal 150g

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Granulated charcoal is a natural product that can absorb many times its own weight in stomach gases and toxins. Perfect for dog breeders, animal lovers, and anyone looking to control bodily odours and aid digestion, this is a safe and effective product. Directions for Use To use, simply sprinkle the desired amount on your pet's food. Refer to the following guidelines for the recommended amounts: Dogs: Small: 1 teaspoonful Medium: 1 dessertspoonful Large: 1 tablespoonful Cats & Rabbits: 1 teaspoonful Horses: 4 dessert spoonfuls Birds: Crush the granules into a fine powder. Mix a pinch with the birds food. As an alternative mix a small amount of granules with the grit. Order yours now from our ecommerce website for fast and convenient delivery.

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