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Harringtons Mixed Wet Dog Food Trays Multi Pack 16 x 400g

Harringtons Mixed Wet Dog Food Trays Multi Pack 16 x 400g

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Harringtons Wet Dog Food Mixed Pack offers a balanced and wholesome nutrition for adult dogs. Carefully crafted with 100% natural ingredients and added vitamins and minerals, these delicious tray cooked dinners are sure to please your pup. This pack includes three 150g trays of Chicken & Potato with Vegetables and three 150g trays of Duck & Potato with Vegetables. No artificial colours or flavours, dairy, soya, or wheat have been added. Harringtons has the conventional benefits of high quality pet foods, and is made in the UK. This food is suitable for all dogs 8 weeks and older. See the feeding guide below for further information. Calories per 100g Chicken & Potato with Vegetables: 110kcal Duck & Potato with Vegetables: 121kcal Feeding Guide (for a healthy adult dog with normal levels of activity): Up to 5kg Toy Dog: Fed on its own: 1/2 - 1 tray; With dry food: Up to 1/2 tray (Per Day) 5-15kg Small Dog: Fed on its own: 2 - 4 trays; With dry food: 1 - 2 trays (Per Day) When switching from a different brand to Harringtons gradually introduce over a period of 3 to 7 days by mixing with your dog's current food. Increase the quantity of Harringtons and reduce the quantity of your dog's old food until you are feeding just Harringtons. Store in a cool dry place. After opening, keep unused contents in a sealed container. Keep refrigerated and use within 72 hours.

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