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Harringtons Adult Small Dog Lamb & Rice 1kg

Harringtons Adult Small Dog Lamb & Rice 1kg

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Our recipe is specially made with more freshly prepared meat than ever before and is balanced for smaller dogs. This recipe is packed full of natural ingredients, including chicken gravy on both the inside and outside of our kibble for added flavor. Lamb is a great source of natural protein for energy, growth & repair, and there are additional benefits for small dogs, such as smaller kibbles that are the perfect size. This recipe also includes yucca to help reduce unpleasant odors from flatulence, vitamin E to help support a healthy immune system, and prebiotic FOS to help maintain a healthy digestion. From the first carbon negative pet food company in the UK, this recipe is recommended for puppies 1-5 kg at 50-120g per day and small dogs 5-10kg at 120-190g per day. The amount of food you feed depends on age, breed, and activity level and it is recommended to gradually switch to this food. This recipe provides all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and trace elements for your pet's health.

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